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Pingxiang power, environmental catalysis technology co., LTD


Diesel particulate trap

Applications:Diesel generators, The truck,The bus,Engineering machinery, etc

VOC Organic waste gas treatment

Applications:Paint baking paint shop、Enameled wire、Caigang manufacture and so on

The motorcycle exhaust catalyst

Applications:Motorcycle、Lawn mower、Sports car、Gasoline engine exhaust gas treatment

Gas iron catalysts

Applications:Gas welding、The burner、Kitchen utensils and appliances, etc

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Pingxiang power, environmental catalysis technology co., LTD., by a number of senior industry experts,Engineer to create。High-tech industrial park is located in jiangxi province pingxiang economic and technological development zone。




The company in order to protect the environment,Control exhaust emission pollution。Relying on the south China university of technology,Nanchang university professor a number of industry authority of the senior engineer and technical support to rich experience in business。Application of new technology,New equipment,The new process,WeiyuanVOCThe catalyst,SCRThe catalyst,Special gas processing catalyst at low temperature,Domestic organic waste gas treatment catalysts,Gasoline diesel gas vehicle exhaust catalyst research and development and application of processing。Products covered by the chemical company,Food,Machinery,Instruments and meters,And home appliances,Spray paint baking paint,Insulating materials,Caigang production,Daily waste disposal,Motor vehicles and vessels, etc




Company warmly look forward to working with the elite from all walks of life hand in hand,To build a beautiful home,Embrace the pure and fresh and the blue sky……


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